STAR MAKER INDIA is preparing training courses in various fields of cinema from acting, direction, cinematography, editing to many more. All of these not in classrooms but on actual ‘action sites’! Please keep an eye on the new developments at STAR MAKER INDIA or just fill the BUSINESS INTRODUCTION FORM at the bottom.

TRAINEES in every field are entitled to be inducted in practical film-making work at any given time during the training. In case this happens with you, you will perhaps be the quickest and smartest new entrant in show business! Your talent is the only thing which will take you places. More interesting is the fact that you may not even be knowing how much amount of talent you might be having in you until the expert eyes find it.

So, you are advised to fill this form and get going immediately. Remember its free always. (Why?) Because we need you as much as you need us to succeed. There seems to be a dearth of talent in Delhi and the talented Delhiites are invariably seeing struggling in Mumbai in order to make both ends meet. Those who are not able to spend their valuable time in Mumbai often think that it is the end of road for them, at least till the time new film industries become operational in UP near Delhi. Here is when ‘INDIE’ film makers like us come into the picture. ‘Indie’ film makers have won quite a few awards in prestigious fil festivals like Cannes. So do not under-estimate the talent or reach of Indie producers and instead try to add something to their success stories.