“You’re Beautiful!
Say NO to Mask!!”

“There can be no Corona attack on an open road. So are we fool-enough to wear a mask while walking or driving on a road?!”

Make the enclosed public places and public transport less crowded. This is the only solution. No more mask on open spaces. “Say no to foolishness; say no to mask!”

Hi I am Director James and this is my personal space. I insist that acting can be a good part time profession in Delhi. I claim that anyone with a bit of brain can be an actor. The next thing you would like to know is my contact number and for that you have to introduce yourself by filling one of those forms below but even before that you have to read about the website and about my project; about what I have in mind! So go on….

Musical show organizers and ad-fim makers STAR MAKER INDIA are into commercial film production business and starting with production of artistic movies to be presented in various International film festivals under full length feature film & short film categories.

Sad to notice that no feature film from India has been shortlisted for competitive section at Cannes or other prestigious film festivals since many years. This may be because Indian film-makers are afraid to experiment during film-making as also because they are short of new ideas. This void may be filled by our film stories which no doubt are going to be unique in many ways. Be a part of it and bring an award or two for your country.

CINEMA NEXXT is a part of STAR MAKER INDIA that is exclusively about the cinema based on relevant Indian issues spun exclusively in the Hindi belt around Ganga-Yamuna plains. Films produced under this section may find their place in National Film Festivals as the stories are socially relevant and carved intelligently. These may be displayed at local cinemas especially at rural area/small towns or social sites like Youtube/Vimeo/Facebook or at a platform like Netflix. Once in a while if there is a story undertandable and appreciable by the western audience, it may well be presented to some International Film Festival. One thing is for sure in Star Maker India movies that whether or not these are based on social issues the height of entertainment is guaranteed in every film produced.


Everyone should apply! Why?

Being a Delhi-ite I would never recommend making acting as your full time profession, more so because there is very little shooting activity in Delhi/NCR and competition is too much. Getting a livelihood may be much more awarding in your respective fields, if you are an IT professional, a businessman, MBA, Engineer, Doctor or just a young executive wherever. Keep doing your job and sacrifice a Sunday for your acting passion now and then.

Hi, I am your host James Narula. I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession (so originally was the great script writer/actor Mr. Kadar Khan if you remember him). He was in fact a professor in an Engineering college. God knows how he came to cinema world but his real luck awaited him here only. Similarly I also have other sources of livelihood rather than Cinema but once entered, I am loving it. Don’t tell anyone that sometimes I try to emulate his style of comedy as an actor and also write comedy scenes in his typical style. He has been my professor for this field. If I can jump into film-making profession, why can’t you jump into acting profession?! I have entered this field out of love for it. Cinema has always been my passion and so with decades of efforts and learning I am writing stories, composing, script writing, producing, directing, recording, editing the high class movies just to satisfy my passion and who knows I may be too near to my goal of International recognition in this field. Humbly I invite you to join me.

I have made an interesting observation in Delhi: I find the simple girls next door doing mediocre jobs are having a beautiful face, presentable personality that suits a leading lady in mainstream cinema. Moreover they are found to be much more humble than professional heroines with good manners and confident facing camera nowadays. Similar finding goes about gentlemen as well. So, I invite non-actors to act in my movies. I will polish you; I will make you learn everything required. Above all, the extra time spent on this is NOT a wastage of time according to me.

The most astonishing response I saw so far was from a young lady doctor intern from a very big and reputed hospital in Delhi. In her picture she was seen doing a pole dance wearing a split skirt. (Hats off to the doctor!) This in fact shows the flexibility people have brought into their style of life and profession. If she can do it, no one else should feel self-cautious or uneasy doing the same. Remember, decades back there was a reputed practicing doctor Dr Shri Ram lagoo, an ENT surgeon who join the films later in his life. Needless to say, it was his real place as he was so good an actor and became so successful. You too give it a try and maybe you are the next.

Fill the introduction forms below and I will give you a call. First there is a short form for business contact and then there are detailed forms for those desiring to act in any kind of films (feature films, ad films etc). There are separate forms for Female & Male artists. Business contact form is common. Thank you!