STAR MAKER INDIA are into film production business with production of artistic movies to be presented in various International film festivals under full length feature film category. This movies are planned to be presented at various INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVALS and shall be released in India only after that. Stories are unique and classy as well.

Sad to notice that no feature film from India has been shortlisted for competitive section at Cannes since many years. This may be because Indian film-makers are afraid to experiment during film-making as also because they are short of new ideas. This void may be filled by our film story which no doubt is going to be unique in many ways. Be a part of it and bring an award or two for your country.

We highly expect these stories to find their place in International festivals and so prefer to make a few of those in English language.

These movies may be produced with a small budget but remuneration for the artists is always as per norms.

Please take note of the following:

Hi, I am James. I am an actor/director and only I can handle what sort of co-artists I need for the movie, so only myself handle this purpose. I have not appointed any casting directors or ‘middlemen’. For security and privacy reasons, I have not made my personal phone number public. Even if you are not into acting field and wish to contact me for any purpose, please fill the following simple form and I will give you a call at the time of your convenience. Thank you.