This page of STAR MAKER INDIA is for the artists. Please fill the form at the bottom of this page if you require a role in our upcoming films. FIRST FORM IS FOR FEMALE ARTISTS AND SECOND ONE FOR MALE.
Most of the films produced by this company may be presented at various film festivals around the world. Shooting has been planned mostly for Delhi but some scenes may demand a visit to Mumbai or Goa.

Sad to notice that no feature film from India has been shortlisted for competitive section at Cannes or any other reputed international film festival since many years. This may be because Indian film-makers are afraid to experiment during film-making as also because they are short of new ideas. Secondly, the perception remains that the Western world likes to see India as a land of dirty open drains preferably with pigs adoring the site. Yes they will pity you at these scenes but will not consider you fit-enough to compete with themselves in Cinema world. So we wish to tell them that this country called INDIA now has a command over the space, reached Mars and yes, if there are some problems with our society, we are ready to discuss that through our film stories. Still no ‘Indie’ film producers from India have cared to venture into these areas. They still cater the world with just open drains and pigs. A void has been created in Indian space at the festivals in terms of creativity. This void may be filled by STAR MAKER INDIA’s film stories which no doubt are going to be unique in many ways. Be a part of it and bring an award or two for country at CANNES as well as RAINDANCE and others.

These never told before stories are being written, produced, directed & edited by James. Pre-production work has already started as on August 10, 2021.

We highly expect one feature film to find its place in International festivals and so preferred to make it in English language itself instead of putting English subtitles. The film may be dubbed in Indian languages later.

The story is being written, produced, directed, scripted & edited by James as he plays the lead role as well. Script has taken more than one year to be completed and so much of efforts are ought to yield desirable results.

The remuneration for the artists is as per industry norms.

An out’n’out comedy (hindi) purely commercial is also being planned for a later time.

VERY IMPORTANT SERMON for the Delhi girls of 18+

“So you are grown up being 18+. Did your father ever accompany you to your class? Does your mother sit along with you in your office? If no, please take note of the fact that a film shoot site is also equivalent to a professional grade office and more! It is certainly not a picnic spot where your folks are supposed to relax, enjoy or simply keep a watch! Yes film line used to be called ‘bad’, when ordinary offices were ‘good’! Some parents thought it fit to ‘protect’ their daughters when in film line. (Though they were total disasters as history tells). Nowadays if you are bad, the ‘boss-cabin’ of any ‘good’ office can equally be ‘bad’, even worse than a film set! So there is no difference in this regard between an office and a film studio. So as a professional level actor, you must agree that no one (friend/family) shall accompany you to film sets or outdoor shooting locations in the entire duration of shoot; as it may be a disturbance, distraction & invasion of privacy of co-stars and more! What’s more, it may effect the concentration and thus the performance of all the actors/technicians and also this presence of outsiders, God-forbid, may be a great source of ‘leakage of ideas’ in this competitive field of creativity called cinema.”

On the other hand it may be specified that if a juvenile is participating, this rule may be relaxed for the duration of her/his role shoot.

A caution message from James:

“Hi, I am James. I am an actor/director and only I can perceive & handle what sort of co-artists I need for the movie, so I am handling the casting field myself. I have not appointed any casting directors or ‘middlemen’. If someone claims to be the one, surely he/she is a fraud. For security and privacy reasons, I have not made my personal phone number public. Even if you are not into acting field and wish to contact me for any purpose, please fill the following simple form and I will give you a call at the time of your convenience. Yes there is a scope for casting that still remains and you may receive a detailed form to fill as an actor. Thank you.”

Please go on to read this all.

Stories to be submitted for international film festivals:

First film in the short films category is about a special category of people for whom article 377 of the Indian constitution was imposed and recently repealed, but large portion of the problem remains due to the fabric of our society and our age old traditions and practices; most of them ‘stale’ according to the new world norm. In fact this story is not particularly about the rights of the gay people but about rights of the the normal category of people when gays encroach upon the rights of the others. Its a heart-touching story you will surely like. Star cast has nearly been finalized.

Second story that has been written for a full length feature film category is expected to be around 2 hours duration. Story brief: This is the story of a simple boy ‘James Rodrigues’ of Portuguese origin whose grandfather had chosen to stay back in India when Goa became independent from Portuguese rule in 1961 and Portuguese were given the option to either shift to Portugal or stay back in Goa (now part of India) with a dual citizenship. The family, all of them born in India had chosen to stay back out of love for the fellow Indians as they were in India for the last 3 generations. The story deals with the deceits James gets in life while he shifts to Mumbai and Delhi, as he was very rich man surrounded by greedy people. He surely had a separate DNA from all of them and did not know how to deal with such cunning people. So, does he commit suicide when faced by a really awkward situation, or can he fight back, which seemed to be impossible at half way of the story. Many actors are required for this big project.

The next project may be a big comedy in contrast to the first one. Local Indian audience may find it very interesting. You may fix your character for that movie also.

The following form is to be filled by the female actors only: