Good news for newcomers: STAR MAKER INDIA is conducting acting training sessions for amateur actors and new comers. These sessions are conducted along with live real film shooting instead of teaching the theories inside the classrooms. It is a continuous process so you can join during anytime of the year.

We make quality movies in Hindi as well as English for various film festivals around the globe so you may guess it right that we are into quality production rather than shooting just about anything and everything.

You will be taught to do what the real actors do in the movie and test your skills. Then there will be camera test for you to analyse yourself. If you are found up to the mark you may get real film role as well. This role may be anything between a character role to a lead role. It all depends upon your face, your body, your skills and your luck as to what requirements we have at that given time.

We are always in the need of good actors so your training fees will be surprisingly little and nominal. You will enjoy giving that much and having the time of your life; film learning is fun, believe me!

We have decided to make first month fee very nominal for ladies (Rs 500) and only an amount of rupees 1000 from the gentlemen. (Minimum 2 sessions & maximum 4)

You are advised to join as soon as possible and give a chance to your skills and your luck. Who knows maybe the success is too near. Even if you have a bit of talent we will not let it go waste. Fill this form and get going.