This page has 2 forms for 2 movies the girls may fill after reading the introduction.

Introduction: STAR MAKER INDIA is planning 2 feature films to begin with. One of these is an out and out comedy featuring dozens of actors and big budget. The financer for this film is yet to get in contract (delayed because of COVID). The other movie, that may be shot earlier, is a small budget artistic one based on true life situations faced by the writer and actor James himself. Such a unique story has never been shown on screen before. In a way the God itself has written this story as this has happened in a real life. The script is written so artistically by James and it is so unique that this film will be presented at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, France with confidence before it is exhibited in Cinemas all over. Though the duration of film will be more than 2 hours but it features only 9 characters and it’s a small budget film which requires no finance from outsiders. Having said that, let’s clarify that the remunerations will be the best for newcomers according to the industry standards (of Delhi). Minimum guaranteed payment is Rs 100,000 even when no role is as big as even half an hour. Our big budget comedy film may not get you this much amount.

The big budget film is a child-friendly comedy bound to get a U certificate by CENTRAL BOARD OF FILM CERTIFICATION in India. The artistic film has somewhat sensuous scenes, mainly deep kissing scenes and may get U/A or simply an A certificate. But it has a fairly good chance to be accepted and rewarded at International film festivals because of its unique story and crisp presentation.

This page is especially meant to give the required information to female leading ladies and so this page has no direct link from the front page of this website which is meant for the general public. Similarly there is also a hidden page for male role. Male role are just 3 including the lead role of James. According to the story, James comes across 4 girls of different shades during a period of 22 years; all having different shades and characters. Role of the last one he meets requires a girl with a very special face. It is the title role. Not revealing the full title of the movie, it contains 2 words ‘last girlfriend’. So the last girlfriend which faces the real tragedy in the film has to be very special. The role of the first girlfriend is very dreaded as she re-appears after 22 years of separation and starts ruining the man’s life in every possible way and even more.

In addition to this, there is James’ childhood friend and neighbor girl having a parallel story full of tragedies; deserted by her husband. These 2 stories converge at a point. Very interesting plot you will see.

This is the story of a simple boy ‘James Rodrigues’ of Portuguese origin whose grandfather had chosen to stay back in India when Goa became independent from Portuguese rule in 1961 and Portuguese were given the option to either shift to Portugal or stay back in Goa (now part of India) with a dual citizenship. The family, all of them born in India had chosen to stay back out of love for the fellow Indians as they were in India for the last 3 generations. The story deals with the deceits James gets in the name of love when he shifts Bombay and then Delhi, as he was very rich man surrounded by greedy people. He surely had a separate DNA from all of them and did not know how to deal with such cunning people. So, does he commit suicide when faced by a really awkward situation, or can he fight back, which seemed to be impossible at half way of the story. A sigh or shriek from the audience is expected around interval of the film when a never-seen-before situation confronts the main character. The story is adapted from real life incidents faced by the writer, (of course with exaggeration and dramatization for the sake of movie-making). Story spans a time period of 22 years from 1998 when James is seen as a emotional but bubbly young college boy to present day when he must be a mature but broken man.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please take note of this message from James:

“Hi, I am James. I am an actor/director and only I can handle what sort of co-artists I need for the movie, so I am handling the casting field myself. I have not appointed any casting directors or ‘middlemen’. If someone claims to be the one, surely he/she is a fraud. For security and privacy reasons, I have not made my personal phone number public. Even if you are not into acting field and wish to contact me for any purpose, please fill the simple form at the bottom of this page and I will give you a call at the time of your convenience. Actors may fill the 2 forms placed just below this message.”

Form for child-friendly roles: