Before we discuss about international audience of our film ideas, let us talk about some local stuff.

CINEMA NEXXT is a part of STAR MAKER INDIA that is exclusively about the cinema based on relevant Indian issues spun exclusively around Ganga-Yamuna belt. Films produced under this section may be displayed at local cinemas especially at rural area/small towns or OTT sites like Netflix. Once in a while if there is a story understandable and appreciable by the western audience, it may well be presented to some International Film Festival and the actors will be informed beforehand with an enhanced amount of compensation. All our stories will be cinema-like entertainers but at the same time relevant for the society. Most of the films of this genre may be shot in rural areas or ‘countryside’.

Please note down that ‘Documentaries’ with no entertainment value is entirely different category and not related with this section. This section is about relevant stories but with entertainment being sort of compulsory quality of the film. All the stories will be a work of fiction.

THIS OFFER IS EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE YOUNG BLOOD WITH ACTING TALENT! We give you training in acting and how to face the camera and at the same time make you part of the project and feature you in the actual film. As you are not an expert, we risk a few takes and retakes while shooting with you and the related wastage of time and resources during the process. We compensate you for your time but as understandable, it may not be a high amount till the time we consider you an expert as also a known & desirable face among our audience. Fact remains that we train you, give you the exposure to the camera, to the audience, make you a Hero/Heroine and at the same time pay you for that! What else would anyone expect from once in a lifetime chance?! After your first or second film with us or once we consider you fit for that, you may also be given a role in our movies fit for international audience and INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVALS. Then only sky will be the limit for you! Get started and join immediately.

Please fill this form to introduce yourself and your photos/videos may follow later.