This is the story of a simple boy ‘James Rodrigues’ of Portuguese origin whose grandfather had chosen to stay back in India when Goa became independent from Portuguese rule in 1961 and Portuguese were given the option to either shift to Portugal or stay back in Goa (now part of India) with a dual citizenship. The family, all of them born in India had chosen to stay back out of love for the fellow Indians as they were in India for the last 3 generations. The story deals with the deceits James gets in the name of love when he shifts to Mumbai and Delhi, as he was very rich man surrounded by greedy people. He surely had a separate DNA from all of them and did not know how to deal with such cunning people. So, does he commit suicide when faced by a really awkward situation, or can he fight back, which seemed to be impossible at half way of the story. A sigh or shriek from the audience is expected around interval of the film when a never-seen-before situation confronts the main character. The story is adapted from real life incidents faced by the writer, (of course with exaggeration and dramatization for the sake of movie-making). Story spans a time period of 22 years from 1998 when James is seen as a emotional but bubbly young college boy to present day when he must be a mature but broken man.