AUGUST 4, 2022.
Declaration: We at STAR MAKER INDIA do never promote smoking and none of our actors will ever be seen smoking on screen. There is a strict discipline of ‘no smoking’ in our work area and we make efforts to work only with ‘non-smokers’ as far as possible. Smoking is a nuisance for the non-smokers. Let’s do everything possible to stop this nuisance for good.
SMOKING KILLS, not only the smoker but also whoever comes near him/her!

July 29, 2022: Good news: Modelling and fashion photoshoot available at our premises from August 1st 2022 and of course high quality at very competitive prices. Tap to fill the Business introduction form at the main page of website & get a call back.

July 23, 2022: STAR MAKER INDIA’s fat earnings offer:
It’s easier done than said, really! If you are into video production of any of the following genre: Short films, Comedy, Travel, Public interest and Tutorials of any kind, we are looking to purchase your stuff.
Just take care that your work has not been published anywhere before that, it’s as simple as that.
The compensation you get for your work varies from a meagre INR 500 for an amateur video to INR 10,000 and even more for the more deserving and professional ones.
If interested, please fill the introduction form at main page of the website that is about INTERNATIONAL CINEMA. You will receive a call on the very next day. Offer is open till August 15, 2022 only.